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$20 Midweek Reload

$20 Midweek Ticket available Monday-Thursday (non-holiday).

$20 Midweek reload available Monday-Thursday (non-holiday).


$20 Midweek reload available Monday-Thursday (non-holiday).

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$20 + 1X $5 RFID card Midweek Ticket

$20 Midweek Ticket available Monday-Thursday (non-holiday) with a one-time fee of $5 for our Catamount Direct to Lift Acess Card.

Child (6 & Under) Midweek Reload

Child (6 & Under) Midweek/Non-Holiday Reload

Junior (7-13) Midweek Reload

Junior (7-13) Midweek/Non-Holiday Reload

Junior (7-13) 1X $5 RFID Weekend/Holiday Ticket

Junior (7-13) Weekend/Holiday Ticket. Includes a one-time fee of $5 for a Catamount Direct to Lift Access Card. Keep your Direct to Lift Access card to easily reload online and save the $5 fee.